Inland shipping (SAB)


MAIN has a contract with Stichting Afvalstoffen & Vaardocumenten Binnenvaart (SAB), an organisation that has been assigned statutory responsibilities with respect to waste-processing for inland vessels. The contract stipulates that inland shipping must be able to get rid of their ship-generated waste in a safe and responsible fashion. Annually, over 4,000 inland vessels offer their waste to MAIN. 

To this end, MAIN operates in the North of the Netherlands, around the IJsselmeer and the Utrecht region on the Amsterdam-Rijn Canal. In Urk, Stavoren, Wartena, Harderwijk, Kampen, Lelystad, Lauwersoog, Stellendam, Scheveningen and Den Oever, waste collection is carried out in collaboration with contractors, usually bunker-storage companies.

In Delfzijl, Eemshaven, Harlingen, Den Helder, Amsterdam and IJmuiden, waste collection is carried out using our own environmental protection vesse