Collection for seagoing vessels


In a number of seaports, MAIN operates so-called Port Reception Facilities. This means that MAIN is licensed to collect waste that has been specified in the Marpol treaty at the ports in question. In those ports, these waste collection responsibilities are obligatory. In order to carry out these activities, MAIN has the following resources at its disposal.

Environmental protection vessels

All environmental protection vessels are suitably fitted out for the collection of liquid and solid wastes. The storage capacity of these vessels varies between 60 and 150 tonnes. MAIN has had a further 5 new environmental protection vessels built for the expansion and replacement of its fleet. In 2009, two new vessels of the “N closed” type, with a capacity of 300 tonnes, were commissioned. These are also the first double-walled environmental protection vessels in the Netherlands. In addition, the company has an “N closed” collection/transport tanker with a tank capacity of 970 tonnes. MAIN has a large fleet of modern environmental protection vessels.

Storage depots for household chemical waste and oil-water mixtures.

In Delfzijl, Harlingen, Den Helder, Stellendam and Den Oever, MAIN has depots for the storage of household chemical waste. At the depots in Delfzijl and Den Helder, we also have storage tanks for oil-water mixtures with a capacity of 400 tonnes and 200 tonnes respectively.


• A number of 30 m3 vacuum tankers

• Pick-up trucks

• Vans

• Forklifts 

• Trailers for use in emergencies